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Dublinbikes is a public bicycle rental scheme which has operated in the city of Dublin since 2009. At its launch, the scheme, which is sponsored by JCDecaux, used 450 French-made unisex bicycles with 40 stations. By 2011 this had expanded to 550 bicycles and 44 stations, and in 2013 it was announced that a major expansion of the scheme would add a further 950 bikes and another 58 hire points.

Dublin was the 17th city to implement such a scheme, and it is considered one of the most successful bike sharing schemes in the world.

The scheme was announced by Dubin City Council in 2006 when JCDecaux received 72 free advertising spaces around Dublin in a 15-year deal in return for the advertising company's funding of the project. Critics argued that the deal was an expensive one when compared to Copenhagen where companies pay to have their logos attached to the bicycle. 450 bicycle stands were installed in groups of ten and twenty in forty locations around Dublin from June 2009. The scheme was opposed by An Taisce who said it was "misuse of legislation by a local authority to facilitate a private development".

The dublinbikes scheme was launched on 13 September 2009, with around 150 ordinary cyclists embarking on their first ride behind John Tierney, Dublin City Manager, and Andrew Montague, a councillor who was representing the Lord Mayor of Dublin on the journey.

It was announced on 18 June 2014 that Coca-Cola Zero would become a commercial partner with dublinbikes for three years. Starting at the end of June 2014, the brand was renamed Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes and the Coca-Cola Zero brand was added to each individual bike in return for investment in the scheme.

The scheme proved to be a great success, much exceeding predictions. Approximately 1,000 people used the bicycles in the first six hours, with a further thousand people having subscribed to use them. Some 11,000 people applied in the first fortnight and Dublin City Council's supply of subscriber cards was reduced to zero, with the Council having initially targeted a 5,000-person uptake in the first year. More than 25,000 people had applied to take part in the scheme by March 2010. Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government John Gormley said after the launch this level of uptake indicated the new "mainstream" approach to cycling in Ireland.

In the first ten months of the scheme, it was reported that there were over 37,000 users, over 828,000 journeys, no accidents, no vandalism, and only one bike missing (which was recovered … rumour has it that the thief tried to sell the bike to a bicycle shop).

On 10 May 2010 (post-launch), city councillors in Dublin voted for more advertising hoardings to be used to help with payments, with more than 30,000 people having subscribed (1,500 was the predicted number of subscribers for this stage of the project). On 14 August 2010, it was announced that the scheme had reached its one millionth trip. By May 2011, two million journeys had been made and the scheme had expanded to 550 bicycles and 44 stations. In 2013 it was announced that a major expansion of the scheme would add a further 950 bikes and another 58 hire points.

Barrow Street53.34164°N 6.23622°W
Benson Street
53.34404°N 6.23347°W
Blackhall Place
53.34879°N 6.28165°W
Blessington Street
53.35680°N 6.26818°W
Bolton Street53.35108°N 6.26983°W
Brookfield Road
53.33902°N 6.30018°W
Cathal Brugha Street
53.35208°N 6.26056°W
Charlemont Street
53.33069°N 6.25996°W
Chatham Street
53.34090°N 6.26233°W
Christchurch Place
53.34341°N 6.27003°W
City Quay
53.34666°N 6.24616°W
Clonmel Street
53.33609°N 6.26239°W
Collins Barracks Museum
53.34750°N 6.28522°W
Convention Centre
53.34739°N 6.23864°W
Custom House
53.34822°N 6.25400°W
Custom House Quay53.34804°N 6.24791°W
Dame Court

Dame Street

53.34400°N 6.26652°W
Denmark Street Great
53.35559°N 6.26113°W
Deverell Place
53.35144°N 6.25523°W
Earlsfort Terrace
53.33447°N 6.25837°W
Eccles Street
53.35918°N 6.26932°W
Eccles Street East
53.35810°N 6.26560°W
Emmet Road

Exchequer Street

53.34304°N 6.26356°W
Excise Walk
53.34796°N 6.24801°W
Fenian Street
53.34148°N 6.24660°W
Fitzwilliam Square East
53.33520°N 6.25092°W
Fitzwilliam Square West
53.33588°N 6.25270°W
Francis Street
53.34210°N 6.27523°W
Frederick Street South

Fownes Street Upper

53.34455°N 6.26359°W
Georges Dock

Georges Quay

53.34747°N 6.25232°W
Golden Lane
53.34076°N 6.26752°W
Grand Canal Dock
53.34283°N 6.23842°W
Grantham Street
53.33407°N 6.26547°W
Grattan Street
53.33959°N 6.24369°W
Greek Street
53.34687°N 6.27303°W
Guild Street
53.34797°N 6.24091°W
Hanover Quay
53.34410°N 6.23708°W
Harcourt Terrace
53.33257°N 6.25783°W
Hardwicke Place
53.35708°N 6.26315°W
Hardwicke Street
53.35563°N 6.26432°W
Hatch Street
53.33404°N 6.26076°W
Herbert Place
53.33474°N 6.24514°W
Herbert Street
53.33576°N 6.24553°W
Heuston Bridge (North)
53.34784°N 6.29241°W
Heuston Bridge (South)
53.34710°N 6.29203°W
Heuston Station (Car Park)
53.34699°N 6.29779°W
Heuston Station (Central)
53.34662°N 6.29688°W
High Street
53.34344°N 6.27462°W
James Street
53.34346°N 6.28738°W
James Street East
53.33652°N 6.24800°W
Jervis Street
53.34825°N 6.26649°W
John Street West
53.34310°N 6.27716°W
Kevin Street
53.33778°N 6.26774°W
Kilmainham Gaol
53.34211°N 6.31001°W
Kilmainham Lane

King Street North

53.35029°N 6.27347°W
Leinster Street South
53.34212°N 6.25435°W
Lime Street
53.34604°N 6.24363°W
Market Street South
53.34237°N 6.28767°W
Mater Hospital
53.36009°N 6.26482°W
Merrion Square East
53.33908°N 6.24696°W
Merrion Square West
53.33994°N 6.25169°W
Molesworth Street
53.34122°N 6.25753°W
Mount Brown
53.34166°N 6.29718°W
Mountjoy Square West
53.35638°N 6.25859°W
Mount Street Lower
53.33788°N 6.24160°W
New Central Bank
53.34715°N 6.23419°W
Newman House
53.33705°N 6.26007°W
North Circular Road
53.35965°N 6.26049°W
Oliver Bond Street
53.34393°N 6.28051°W
Ormond Quay Upper53.34608°N 6.26827°W
Parkgate Street
53.34799°N 6.29188°W
Parnell Square North
53.35373°N 6.26533°W
Parnell Street
53.35079°N 6.26554°W
Pearse Street
53.34430°N 6.25063°W
Princes Street / O'Connell Street
53.34900°N 6.26049°W
Portobello Harbour
53.33037°N 6.26510°W
Portobello Road
53.33002°N 6.26817°W
Royal Hospital
53.34388°N 6.29706°W
Sandwith Street
53.34524°N 6.24753°W
Sir Patricks Dun's
53.33926°N 6.24077°W
53.34742°N 6.27822°W
Smithfield North
53.34963°N 6.27780°W
South Dock Road
53.34185°N 6.23128°W
St. James's Hospital (Central)
53.33997°N 6.29562°W
St. James's Hospital (Luas)
53.34136°N 6.29293°W
Strand Street Great
53.34713°N 6.26384°W
St. Stephen's Green East
53.33783°N 6.25611°W
St. Stephen's Green South
53.33749°N 6.26169°W
Talbot Street
53.35106°N 6.25266°W
The Point
53.34685°N 6.23076°W
Townsend Street
53.34593°N 6.25455°W
Upper Sherrard Street
53.35841°N 6.26049°W
Western Way
53.35494°N 6.26940°W
Wilton Terrace
53.33230°N 6.25271°W
Wolfe Tone Street
53.34886°N 6.26741°W
York Street (East)
53.33874°N 6.26206°W
York Street (West)
53.33931°N 6.26477°W